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Welcome to the BVGS ULS WikiEdit

The Underground Latin Society has set up this website to enable its members to co-operate and achieve success in the last year of Latin at BVGS.

Please feel free to help by editing and adding pages.

Note: More will be added after every lesson, so keep checking. Things may not run smoothly at first, but everything should be fine after a few weeks.

Due to lack of use, the Wiki may be shut down at any moment. We have failed. This is the Wiki the ULS needs, but not deserves.


Germanicus et Piso and Germanicus Et Piso Full Text

The Aeneid and Virgil Full Text

Personae Non Gratae Full Text and Clodia Full Text


Please don't just copy and paste other people's work. This has been set up to help you, and not do the work for you. You will only benefit if you attempt it yourself first. No pain, No gain.Edit

Plagarism is not on. Don't claim another person's work as your own. Do your own homework.Edit

Please be sensible when editing entries.

Any inappropriate use of the ULS wiki will be penalised.

Have fun.

Never forget 21st July, Latin Rememberence Day.

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